Tyson Food Labels


A completed form also in an entry into the Label Leader Hero drawing and 9 week prizes drawing. get started banner v2

Participation in the Tyson Project A+ program is a simple way for Milton to get extra cash for whatever it needs.  They give 24 cents back to the school as well as a free book for every 100 labels.  Tyson Project A+ program funds can be used for anything your schools needs – supplies, equipment, activities, and more.

Estimate the number of Tyson Project A+ labels we will need to collect to reach our goals. Don’t forget – each label is worth 24¢, so the more labels you collect, the more money we can earn!  If everyone does a little, it can go a long way!!!

  1. 100 labels = $24 (1 book)
  2. 500 labels = $120 (5 books)
  3. 1,000 labels = $240 (10 books)
  4. 5,000 labels = $1,200 (50 books)
  5. 10,000 labels = $2,400 (100 books)
  6. 50,000 labels = $12,000* (500 books)

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Examples of Products:

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