Meeting Three

Meeting three took place on January 10th.  We were able to accomplish lots and will continue to need your help with planning, volunteering, or even answering a survey to help us make a decision.  Please view all of our slides from the meeting and let us know if you have any questions or ideas, or know a business who would want to sponsor an event.

Dates that have changed and need to be noted:

  • Father Daughter & Mother Son Event–February 11th
  • Spring Fling/Cake Bingo–March 31st

A few committee dates to know about:

  • Today (January 17th)-Staff Appreciation Meeting @ 1:00 in cafeteria
  • Sunday (January 22nd)-Parent/Child gathering Meeting @ 6pm at Youngsville Blue Apache

Also, help us make a decision about Father Daughter Dance and go to this quick survey.